WOW Potential Buyers in 2015

WOW Potential Buyers in 2015

Buying a home is an exciting time for buyers, but it can also be overwhelming. Having your buyers enjoy a positive home buying experience will do wonders for the likelihood they will do business with you again, as well as their willingness to send you referrals! In order to make sure you’re meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of your home buyers, it’s important to know what they expect from their realtor. The 2014 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers survey conducted by the National Association of REALTORS® provides a list of what those that work with an agent want.

• Help finding the right home to purchase

• Help negotiating the price of the home

• Good reputation, honesty and integrity The study also mentions that home buyers are seeking a realtor who can help them understand the home buying process and that 98% of buyers who used an agent found them to be a useful information source.

Home buyers want their realtor to be an expert and a resource available to inform them and help complete the tasks that can be overwhelming. Before you engage your next client, read these tips on how to exceed their expectations and WOW them all the way to the finish line:

Know your Negotiations

Become an expert in the area your home buyers probably dread the most – negotiating. Brush up on your skills online, take a class on negotiating, or just practice with your associates. Home buyers that work with realtors expect to have help negotiating the home price and the terms of the sale. Being an expert negotiator and delivering the price and/or terms they are seeking will wow your buyers, making them more likely to work with you again.

Be Professional

Home buyers expect their realtor to be a professional at all times. Make sure you respond quickly to any requests or questions they have. Your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc) should also be professional and should reflect your business persona as well. Remember, you are your professional brand, and it’s important that potential buyers can trust and respect your image online and off- otherwise they will likely choose another realtor.

Don’t Disappear

It can be difficult to make time for your sold clients when you’re busy working to find homes for your current buyers, but doing so will make your clients’ experience that much more meaningful. Touch base after the sale to make sure any lingering issues have been resolved and that they are enjoying their new home. This is also a great time to ask for a review or referrals!

Partner Well

Make sure that the mortgage lender you partner  with brings real value to your clients, and will WOW them with the same professional service and expertise you strive to provide. Choosing the right mortgage lender to partner with can have a huge impact not only on the mortgage rate your clients receive, but also the loan application and length of the underwriting process (which most certainly affects the time it takes to close and move in)! Personal service, professionalism and real estate knowledge and expertise will WOW your potential buyers every time, increasing your future referrals and sales.