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Privacy Statement

Privacy and Security At Homespire Mortgage

A Loan On Your Terms

At Homespire Mortgage, a national leader with trusted experience in the home loan industry, our primary focus is empowering you to meet your homeownership and financial goals through an unparalleled variety of products and services.

A Guide to Protecting Your Privacy

The purpose of this section is to explain how Homespire Mortgage protects and uses your personal information when and after you obtain financial products and services from us. We want you to know that information given to us is safe, secure and used in a responsible manner. To offer you all the greatest advantages as a Homespire Mortgage customer, we do share some of your personal information* with our investors and vendor companies.

Your protection is our priority

We use advanced data-encryption and storage technology to protect your sensitive personal information. We implemented extensive administrative, technical and physical safeguards and quality controls.

These include:

  • Setting policies and procedures for carefully handling your information
  • Limiting physical access to central file facilities
  • Auditing company security practices

Clearly stated policies in our employee handbook, background checks on all employees and thorough on-the-job training in confidentiality and customer privacy ensure that our employees are committed to keeping your personal information safe and secure.

You are protected on the Internet

Unlike many lenders, Homespire Mortgage has designed many features of our websites to let you anonymously explore home loan options and other helpful functions, without revealing your identity. The only information we collect is from similar devices, which provide limited data, such as the date, time and areas of our websites that were visited. This general information enables us to serve you better by continually improving our websites and making them more convenient. Only when you’re ready for one of our products or services do we ask for identifying information, so that we can quickly process your request. When you are asked to enter personal information on our website, our system automatically switches to a secure mode.

The following security features keep your data safe:

  • Sophisticated, industry-leading encryption and authentication technologies
  • Website design that blocks or limits online display of customer information when not necessary to you or the transaction
  • IDs and passwords to protect sensitive information

Key reasons to feel secure at Homespire Mortgage

Over 25 years of home lending experience

  • Technology leader using sophisticated, industry-leading data-encryption software
  • Physical safeguards and quality controls help ensure the security and confidentiality of our customers’ personal financial information
  • Responsible information-sharing with our investors
  • Control over information use
  • Well-trained employees committed to keeping your personal information secure

Personal information means any information:

  • A consumer provides Homespire Mortgage to obtain a financial product or service from Homespire Mortgage
  • About a consumer resulting from any transaction involving a financial product or service between Homespire Mortgage and a consumer; or service from Homespire Mortgage
  • Homespire Mortgage otherwise obtains about a consumer in connection with providing a financial product or service to that consumer

Personal information includes:

  • Information a consumer provides to Homespire Mortgage on an application to obtain a loan or other financial product or service
  • Account balance information, payment history, overdraft history, and credit or debit card purchase information
  • The fact that an individual is or has been a Homespire Mortgage customer or has obtained a financial product or service from Homespire Mortgage
  • Any information about a Homespire Mortgage consumer if it is disclosed in a manner that indicates that the individual is or has been a Homespire Mortgage consumer
  • Any information that a consumer provides to Homespire Mortgage or that Homespire Mortgage or its agent otherwise obtains in connection with collecting on, or servicing, a credit account
  • Any information Homespire Mortgage collects through the Internet
  • Information from a consumer report

In order to continue offering and recommending valuable financial products and services, we may share customer and former customer information within our investors.

New Home Loans

Homespire Mortgage offers new home loans, home equity loans and lines of credit and many refinancing options

Home Loan Servicing

Homespire Mortgage transfers the majority of its loans and servicing rights to outside investors.

Loan Closing Services

Pinnacle Settlement Services as well as many other loan closing companies offer title and escrow services, title insurance, credit reporting, home inspection, property appraisals and flood zone determinations

Loans for Less-Than-Perfect Credit

Homespire Mortgage also specializes in helping people who may not qualify for traditional loans with their financing needs

Benefits to sharing information with our investors

To make products and services available, often at substantial savings to you, we may prudently share some customer and former customer non-public personal information with our investors under an agreement requiring that the information be kept confidential and used only for those purposes. Our investors and business partners may have privacy policies which vary from those set forth herein.

Information we gather and communicate

In order to fund, sell and/or service your loan(s), comply with government regulations, improve our products and services and better understand your financial needs, we collect and maintain a range of customer and former customer data including non-public information:

  • From applications, supporting documents and other forms (such as your phone, Social Security and account numbers, assets, income and employment history)
  • About your transactions with us, (such as your loan balance, payment history and other account information)
  • From a credit reporting agency (such as your credit worthiness and credit history)
  • From business partners, investors, vendors and service companies (such as a property appraisers and credit reporting companies)

We are periodically required to disclose some of this data to third parties, such as credit reporting agencies, federal and state regulators and loan investors, in order to do business with you. We may also share all of this information with companies that perform services on our behalf (such as our investors, title companies or vendors). These business partners contractually agree to keep the information confidential and not use it for any other purpose.

IMPORTANT: Homespire Mortgage respects the personal nature of e-mail communication. Every effort is made to offer only information or products that may be of value to you. If you do not wish to receive e-mails from Homespire Mortgage in the future, please email unsubscribe to Homespire Mortgage cannot provide absolute assurances that all e-mail transmissions (sent or received) are secure, error free, virus free, complete, properly delivered, or not intercepted or decrypted by others. Therefore, we advise against sending time sensitive or personal information (e.g. your Social Security Number, account numbers, etc.) over e-mail. To ensure we give you the best client service, we record and monitor your communications with us. This includes communications made by telephone, e-mail, chat, our website, etc.

Homespire Mortgage is an Equal Housing Lender and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status or age. All borrowers must qualify based on the ability to repay the debt per the underwriting and qualification requirement set forth by Homespire Mortgage. The government agency that we adhere to for compliance purposes under federal law is the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Equal Credit Opportunity, Washington, DC 20580.

Homespire Mortgage is an Equal Housing Lender. Rates subject to change. Homespire Mortgage Corporation is a licensed mortgage lender. Massachusetts: Homespire Mortgage Corporation, Mortgage Lender License NMLS #183215; Pennsylvania: Licensed as a first Mortgage Banker by the Department of Banking and licensed pursuant to the Pennsylvania Secondary Mortgage Loan Act; Virginia: Homespire Mortgage Corporation, NMLS ID# 183215 ( Homespire Mortgage Corporation Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System #183215. Restrictions may apply. Equal Housing Lender.

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