About Us

People first, always.  Let’s face it, here’s a term that many com­panies pay lip service to, but too often fail to follow through on. Yet, when it comes to us at Homespire Mortgage, this term represents everything about the kind of company we are.

Who we are

Owning a home embodies the promise of pride and independence and the aspiration of American households. At Homespire Mortgage, we work to open the doors of homeownership for our clients and to make the aspiration of ‘home’ a reality.

Our Mission

To help Homebuyers responsibly and affordably finance their dream of homeownership while delivering an exceptional mortgage experience that Borrowers trust, Realtors® recommend and Employees take pride in.


Our Vision

To become a nationally recognized mortgage company, known for its unrivaled mortgage experience and renowned for its efforts to reinvest and transform the communities where we live and work.

Meet Our Executive Team

Meet the leadership team that’s helping make home a reality for thousands.

  • Michael Rappaport Avatar

    I founded Homespire Mortgage on the idea that putting people first, even ahead of profits, was the right thing to do. I pride our staff on being a trusted advisor
    to each and every client.

    Michael Rappaport
    Todd Sheinin Avatar

    As Chief Operating Officer
    at Homespire Mortgage, I lead our team of loan officers in growing their business by providing affordable mortgage products and service to clients, while delivering the 5-star service of an award-winning lender.

    Todd Sheinin
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Quentin Neuber Avatar

    As SVP of Mortgage Operations
    at Homespire Mortgage, I am dedicated to ensuring that the operational team delivers service and communication excellence for our clients in all stages of the loan process.

    Quentin Neuber
    SVP, Mortgage Operations Manager
    Prakash Karnani Avatar

    Leading our team as the EVP of Marketing and Technology means breaking the mold and creating new and vibrant energy that just can’t be ignored.

    Prakash Karnani
    EVP, Marketing & Technology
  • Bill Napier Avatar

    As Chief Financial Officer,
    I am responsible for the overall financial management of the company. My goal is to provide the best products and services
    for each of our clients looking to reach their goals of homeownership.

    Bill Napier
    EVP, Chief Financial Officer
    Laurie McClintock Avatar

    My role as SVP of Compliance
    and Quality Control is to ensure that the company is conducting business in full compliance with all national regulations. My goal is to protect our borrowers and ensure that every loan we close meets our professional standards.

    Laurie McClintock
    SVP of Compliance and Quality Control
  • Samantha Curran Avatar

    My role as HR Director centers on creating a quality workplace in which employees are supported and can grow their careers. My goal is to ensure that we are an employer of choice that provides value and service to our clients.

    Samantha Curran
    Director of Human Resources

Our Executive & Management Team

Our people are at the heart of our company. Meet the people leading our teams.

Michael Rappaport
Phone 301.956.2901
Todd Sheinin
Chief Operating Officer | NMLS #201471
Phone 301.956.2902
Bill Napier
EVP, Chief Financial Officer
Phone 301.956.2919
Quentin Neuber
SVP, Mortgage Operations Manager
Phone 301.956.2943
Prakash Karnani
EVP, Marketing & Technology
Phone 301.407.2474
Laurie McClintock
SVP of Compliance and Quality Control
Phone 301.956.2934
John Brzezinski
VP of Secondary Marketing
Phone 301.956.2937
Samantha Curran
Director of Human Resources
Phone 301.956.2940
Shondra Jenkins
Director of Philanthropy and Community Engagement
Phone 301.956.2900
Jeff Mervis
SVP, General Counsel
Phone 301.956.2932
Debbie Rappaport
VP of Business Development
Phone 301.956.2930
Arch Williams
VP of Business Development, Southeast Region
Phone 301.591.5112
Joel Kornbliet
New England Regional Manager
Phone 508.203.4512
Listy Limon
Regional Manager
Phone 970.318.6191
John Russo
Florida Regional Manager
Phone 732.397.2288
Cola Galvin
VP of Renovation Lending NMLS #609868
Phone 757.718.6424
Larry Crabtree
Underwriting Manager
Phone 301.956.2927
Tammy Green
Corporate Office Manager
Phone 301.591.5123
Krista DeMeza
Closing Manager
Phone 301.956.2920
Stephanie Vidulovic
Post Closing Team Lead
Phone 301.956.2901
Troy Tovmassian
Investor Purchase Clearing Team Lead
Phone 301.956.2917

Our Values

Values that guide what we do, what we believe, what we stand for.


Respect for ourselves and the rights and dignity of everyone


The courage to do the right thing knowing no one may notice


Think like a client, remember to always put ourselves in their shoes


People first, always. Our clients, our partners and our
people are top priority


Give of ourselves in the communities we serve, enriching the lives of our neighbors

Inspired to Impact

We created a Homespire Mortgage with the vision of strengthening the communities in which we live and work. As active partners in the community, we focus on the well-being of the neighborhoods we serve. Our mission is to enrich and support our local communities, helping our neighbors reach their goals and giving them the chance for a better tomorrow.

We are Inspired to Impact. One home. One neighborhood. One community at a time.