Historically Low Rates Mean Huge Savings for Home Owners & Home Buyers

In Episode 4 of #ToddTalks, Todd Sheinin shares his expert advice on the money saving opportunities with today’s historic low rates. šŸ 

Rates were substantially higher this time last year. And at the time, the forecast was that rates were going to continue creeping up. We’ve obviously seen things kind of get flipped upside down a little bit, all over – in the housing industry but throughout the world right now, and itā€™s had a positive impact on mortgage rates. Mortgage rates are at historic levels right now, which sounds funny because we’ve been saying that for many years now, that rates are at all-time lows, and they really are at all-time lows right now. They are at levels that people maybe thought would never happen. And it creates a lot of opportunity for those that are looking for homes right now orĀ  for those wondering and thinking, “Is this the right time to buy a home?” as well as those that have what we would consider slightly higher interest rates. People that have rates in the high threes to 4% rage, they should be calling their Loan Officer and speaking with them just to see what kind of opportunities exist. You have opportunities to get a rate with a two in front of it, in most cases.

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