Great Tips On Moving

Great Tips on Moving

If you felt like finding the right home, the right neighborhood and the right loan wasn’t enough, now you have to plan your move. Planning this stage of the new home purchase can be filled with stress and make many anxious. It is not just the physical move that will take you time and spend your energy, but also that you will need to do a change of address, notify all your creditors, insure you get your most current billing statements, contact the utility vendors and banking relationships. And now, after all of this, time to box up the house. Not so easy… as we accumulate so much “stuff” over the years. So let’s make a list of what is of the most importance in organizing yourself for an easier moving experience.

All This “Stuff”

Take the time to assess what you have, what you need, what you will take and what you need to donate or just throw out. If you do not plan ahead, you may and probably will, take more than you need or want, becoming that pack rat you see others do. What then happens is you pack it all, costing you more to pack and move, to just do this process when you go to unpack. Plan ahead and take the time to organize before you move. Make sure you order the appropriate moving supplies. Boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, labels and markers. Don’t forget newspaper and old rags to use to stuff the boxes and keep all those fragile items from shifting or breaking. Try buying more medium size boxes so that you can pack just the right amount in each box so that they are not too heavy.

Be Methodical

Packing is hard physical work, so be smart about it from the start. Start in just one area of the house; tackle one room at a time. Pack all the items that will be relocated in your new home all in the same boxes. Your packing and un-packing will be that much more organized and that much easier. Set up a junk area and give away area. Keep it separate from the items you are taking. Pack heavier items in smaller boxes. We tend to always over pack and over fill boxes. Always remember that you or someone will have to lift that box, so don’t throw all those books into a few large boxes. Chances are, you will not be able to lift them.


If you thinking packing up that house was time consuming, wait until you go to unpack and re-organize everything in your new home. Make sure to label each box with which room it needs to go to on the other side of this move. That way, you do not have the wrong boxes in the wrong rooms of the house. Color code them if necessary. On the labels, do not just list the room, but also list what is in each box, making it easier to organize the un-packing of each room and area of the home.

Remember to stay organized throughout your move and you’ll be able to settle into your dream home with ease! Happy moving!