Great Fall Lawn Tips

Great Fall Lawn Tips

Wow, winter is fast approaching! Seems like there still may be some sand in those shoes from the beach trips. That being said, there is still time to do a few key things to your lawn so come spring, it will flourish.

Leaves are falling

As the leaves start to change colors, welcoming in autumn, they also begin to cover the lawn. Best practices are to rake these leaves to insure the lawn still has plenty of exposure to the sun. Do it often, even if there are not many leaves yet in your yard. This will help not only with the exposure to sunlight, which is still needed by your lawn, but will also give a nice clean appearance and also not leave any sunlight deprivation marks on the lawn.

Feed your lawn

Feeding your lawn with fertilizer in the fall is important if you are seeking that lush, green lawn in the spring. Late October and November are the suggested times to seed and fertilize, according to the Lawn and Landscape Industry Association. LLIA states that you want to feed your lawn after it stops growing but before freezing temperatures become persistent. Depending upon where you live, you can find the best time to seed and feed. Ask your local nursery or hardware store professional for more details.

Cut that lawn

Make sure to keep cutting your lawn until it stops growing. Not only will your lawn look so much nicer during these months, it will also force you to rake those leaves on a consistent basis, allowing the lawn to flourish.

But wait there is more…

Yes there is more to be done. Keep a watchful eye on your gutters. This time of year is when leaves and debris can clog your gutters, creating other issues around the home and yard. Pruning is also another option to keep the yard looking great. Keeping the shrubs and trees well-manicured makes the yard all that more pleasing to the eye in a subtle way. Lastly, having clean bed around the shrubs, gardens and trees and mulching those areas adds to a great fall appearance.

Doing the leg work now will pay off in the spring with a beautiful lawn and garden!