Applying for a Mortgage Without Pulling Your Hair Out

You know that dreaded moment when you look around for the nearest adult and you realize… you are the adult?

Does adulting make you want to curl up in the closet under a blanket, flashlight in hand, and spend the next… forever… reading comic books and eating Doritos? Ah, the good ol’ days, where we didn’t have to think about such things as credit scores, account balances, debt, and mortgages.

Applying for a mortgage can be an intimidating process, playing phone tag with your lender and your bank, the never ending paperwork. I could go on. But thanks to the wonders of modern technology (and a few brilliant people at Homespire Mortgage), the process just got a whole lot easier! Ready to start adulting hard? It’s really not that bad, I promise.

First, you’ll need to figure out where you stand financially. Jot down your monthly income, total monthly debts and expenses, credit score, and how much money (if any) you are able to put down. You’ll want to figure out a rough estimate of how much you can comfortably afford per month on your mortgage. Take your current housing costs into consideration. Are you maxed out already or can you afford a little more? And don’t forget to factor in things like utilities, possible HOA fees, and maintenance.

Now that the hard work is out of the way, go enjoy a cup of coffee at that trendy shop down the street, and apply for a mortgage on your phone/tablet/laptop in 15 minutes at All you have to do is plug in your information and let ReadyApp do the work for you, connecting to over 15,000 financial institutions to capture your bank statements and tax returns. No dreaded paperwork! And ReadyApp’s state of the art encryption keeps everything completely secure, so your information isn’t just floating around the web. Once you hit submit, a Loan Consultant will receive your information instantly. Easy breezy!

Once you’re pre-approved, go find that house! If you happen to be at an open house and fall in love with the place, you’ll be able to put in an offer right on the spot!

Now that’s what you call adulting done right.