10 Things to Consider BEFORE Buying a House

We all have wish lists of things that we would like to have in a new home and things that are absolute dealbreakers. And if you’re a big ol’ nerd like your Mortgage BFF, they will be neatly organized on a spreadsheet. 🤓 In this post, we are sharing 10 things to keep in mind when creating your ideal home list.

Let’s start with the house itself.

1. Size of the house. Think 10 years out – are you expecting to add to your family in the future or welcome a relative into your home? You’ll want to make sure you have room to grow!

2. Outdoor space. Need yard space for dogs, kids, or for a garden? Or are you more of a concrete-patio-will-do! No outdoor maintenance for me, thanks.

3. Repairs. Your home inspector will give you a detailed breakdown of the age of everything, from the roof to appliances, to give you a loose timeline of when things will need to be replaced or repaired. Is a new roof in the next 3-5 years a deal breaker for you?

4. Layout. Do you need everything to be on one level? Would you prefer the kids’ rooms to be close to the master bedroom? Or maybe there are ways that you could switch up the layout to work for your family’s needs.

5. Utilities. The size of the home will be a key determining factor when it comes to heating and cooling costs. The more space, the more area there is to heat and cool, which will affect utility costs. 

Now let’s take a look at the neighborhood:

6. Schools. Think ahead 10 years. How would you feel sending your kids to the elementary, middle, and high schools your house is zoned for?

7. Proximity. Do you want to be close to parks, restaurants, and shopping centers? Is being within walking distance important to you?

8. Noise level. Do you like to be right in the middle of the action? Then maybe being near a major road or airport or in a more densely populated neighborhood is great for you. Or do you prefer the peace and calm of being further out where all you can hear are crickets and a wind chime blowing in the wind?

9. Public transportation. Would it be helpful for you to live walking distance to a bus stop or a metro line? Or do you travel exclusively by car and could live further out?

10. Pet friendliness. Are there sidewalks around the neighborhood for walking your pup or even a dog park nearby? And a good rule of thumb – if applicable, always be sure to check your HOA guidelines when it comes to pet restrictions and adding fences or any types of outdoor enclosures for them, etc.

We hope you found this list helpful as you begin your house hunt. Don’t forget – before you go to open houses, you’ll want to get pre-approved for your mortgage first to stay ahead of the competition. Visit https://www.homespiremortgage.com/loan-officer-search/ to find a Homespire Loan Officer near you and get started today!