Teams – Rockville
Carlos Martinez
Branch Manager NMLS: #184510
Adrian Ciaramellano
Loan Officer NMLS: #320111
Yolanda Bennett
Branch Operations Manager NMLS:
Ingrid Chay
Office Administrator NMLS:
O:240.558.1022 Ext. 303
Carolina Garces
Office Administrator Assistant NMLS:
O:240.558.1023 Ext. 324
Edgar Alcocer
Systems Administrator NMLS:
O:240.558.1111 Ext. 350
Juan Celi
IT Office Support NMLS:
Elias Gonzales
Loan Officer NMLS: #834612
O:P 240.558.1034 Ext 313 | C 703.862.2039
Juan Diego Martinez
Loan Officer NMLS: #1171379
O:P 240.558.1021 Ext 302 | C 301.395.1333
David Marroquin
Loan Officer NMLS: #399666
O:P 240.558.1043 Ext 325 | C 813.340.0530
Anthony Strickland
Loan Officer NMLS: #184529
O:P 240.558.1046 Ext 402 | C 240.454.5482
Jean Jacques Ellong
Loan Officer NMLS: #660192
O:P 240.558.1040 Ext 320 | C 301.335.4766
Erick Martinez
Loan Officer NMLS: #666101
O:P 240.558.1031 Ext 312 | C 240.848.4572
Jose Gutierrez
Loan Officer NMLS: #220893
O:P 240.558.1035 Ext 329 | C 703.508.4711
Luis Arias
Loan Officer NMLS: #269552
O:P 240.558.1044 Ext 321 | C 703.863.5257
Samuel Ayala
Loan Officer NMLS: #1238551
Sohrab Paydar
Loan Officer NMLS: #1872427
Timothy Duncan
Loan Officer NMLS: #1895232
O:P 240.558.1061 Ext 342 | C 301.602.7518
Alex Lizama
Loan Officer Assistant NMLS:
Victoria Zambrano
Loan Officer NMLS:
Caleb Uzcategui Malave
Loan Officer Assistant NMLS:
O:240.558.1045 Ext. 345
Fernando Menendez
Loan Officer Assistant NMLS:
Karen Ramirez
Loan Officer Assistant NMLS:
Daniel Strickland
Loan Officer Assistant NMLS:
Julio Echeverria
Loan Officer Assistant NMLS:
Brandy Kreitz
Senior Underwriter NMLS:
O:240.558.1065 Ext.333
Eric Smith
Processor NMLS:
    DJ Ayala
    Processor NMLS:
    Katie Kim
    Processor NMLS:
    O:240.558.1068 Ext.334
    Jessica Smith
    Processor NMLS:
    O:240.558.1036 Ext. 404
    Stavros Tselios
    Processor NMLS:
    O:240.558.1064 Ext. 317
    Valeria Rodriguez
    Processor NMLS:
    O:240.558.1072 Ext. 343
    Jasmine Garcia
    Processor NMLS:
    O:240.558.1079 Ext. 311
    Dania Rojas
    Loan Closer NMLS:
    Lisa Rausch
    Closer NMLS:
      Ammy Kombe
      Loan Closer NMLS:
      O:240.558.1030 Ext. 340
      Katterin Osorto
      Disclosure Analyst Team Lead NMLS:
      O:240.558.1052 Ext. 331
      Karla Batres
      Disclosure Analyst NMLS:
      O:240.558.1081 Ext. 336
      Claudia Gomez
      Administrative Assistant NMLS:
      Leslie Mata
      Administrative Assistant NMLS:
      O:240.558.1066 Ext.328
      Sofia Ramirez
      Administrative Assistant NMLS:
      O: 240.558.1076 Ext. 322
      Jennifer Goshev-Jimenez
      Receptionist NMLS:
      Juliana Melgar
      Receptionist NMLS:
      O:301.230.9731 Ext. 300
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