You Can’t Afford to Ditch Your Realtor®

Why You Can’t Afford to Ditch Your Real Estate Agent

There is no doubt about it! Technology has made shopping for a home easier than ever before! We have access to an abundance of information about homes including photos, neighborhoods, school districts, amenities and lots more. It’s no wonder that 90% of homebuyers search online during the home buying process. The overabundance of information and the ease of accessing it has some home buyers wondering if they still need to work with a Real Estate Agent. While you may feel like ditching your Real Estate agent can save on the commission, beware before you go into it alone! Here’s why Real Estate Agents are just as important as they were in the pre-online age, if not more!

Nothing Beats Real Experience and Real Knowledge

Whether you are buying or selling, a Real Estate Agent acts as liaison between you and the market. With so much information out there, the real estate market can seem overwhelming and difficult to interpret but an Agent in the business has the knowledge and expertise to handle the transaction and understands the current market inside and out. From finding the right home that will meet your criteria, to guiding you on when and where to put in your offer, a Real Estate Agent is qualified with the resources and knowledge needed to take on the market. Not to mention, by virtue of their experience and knowledge, your real estate can easily recognize an issue you may have overseen…saving you thousands of dollars if not more!

Handling the Tricky Business

Sure it’s great to save, but cutting out the Real Estate Agent to avoid the cost of commission is not the wisest approach to saving money! Going into it alone can be a costly endeavor. An Agent will not only handle price negotiations but also help you through closing the deal. An experienced agent is familiar with the details and conditions used in the transaction, including negotiations and, well, the ‘tricky business’ you may encounter from the ‘other party.’ When it’s all said and done, your Real Estate Agent will likely SAVE you money.

The Legal Stuff, Due Diligence and Inspections

Buying or selling a home involves an extensive amount of paperwork and contracts. A Real Estate Agent is experienced in these contracts, legalities and the deadlines involved. Rely on your Real Estate Agent to explain the terms in the documents you are signing and answer any questions you may have. Your agent will ensure the process goes smoothly and has the resources to handle any problems that may arise.

They’ve Got the Connections!

Home inspectors, Appraisers, Insurance Agents and more, Real Estate Agents have an extensive network of contacts at their finger-tips, the first of which is usually a local, reputable mortgage lender. Your Real Estate Agent can put you in contact with a lender your can trust who will act in your best interest and provide the level of service you need throughout the entire home buying process. Sure, you Google local mortgage lenders and read through reviews, but nothing beats a good old-fashioned word-of-mouth referral! Your Real Estate Agent will connect you to the best local resources in your area.

The Bottom Line

Don’t take our word for it. Before you decide to take on the market alone, spend a weekend or a couple evenings interviewing a few Real Estate Agents in your local area. Ask a lot of questions so that you fully understand the expertise they bring to the transaction and ask them to explain the entire process and their involvement at each step. You’ll find that the process isn’t as simple as you might have assumed and having a Real Estate Agent by your side will not only pay off, but will also give you the peace of mind throughout the entire process.