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    Raelene Majino-Smith


    NMLS #1805983

Raelene Majino-Smith

Branch Manager

NMLS: #1805983

Phone: 813-892-6021


Raelene Majino-Smith

Branch Manager , NMLS: #1805983

As a consumer myself, I can’t stand when I am forced to take off work just to handle my own personal business; I constantly ask why people who want my business aren’t available when I need them. Because I truly enjoy my job-I love meeting new people, being trusted with their hopes and challenges, and advising them to the best of my ability so they reach their goals-I want my customers to know that I really want their business, and I show them by answering the phone when they need me. In my thirteen years in the mortgage industry, that always meant being available when my customers needed me: nights and weekends.

However, when my son was born sixteen years ago, it became nearly impossible for me to not want to spend all my time with my family on nights and weekends. I found that, as a parent, I needed to be with my son, first and foremost, so when he was four, I left mortgages in order to teach middle school language arts just to be with him on summer vacations and holidays. Now, however, he’s busy with his own life, and Mom’s no longer cool! So I decided to return to what I love — helping people understand the intricacies of mortgage lending. My wonderful, supportive husband of twenty-two years is also in sales, so we spend time together when my customers are at work.

My phone is now on once again until 9pm at night, and I am available when you need me. After all, I work for you, not the other way around! I look forward to meeting you! Talk soon!


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