5 Habits Every New Realtor® Must Adopt

5 Habits Every New Realtor Must Adopt!

Spring is here and business is picking up! The real estate market has rebounded and more and more new realtors are joining the industry. With the busy season fast approaching, below are a few essential tips to get business started on the right foot. Whether you’re new to the real estate industry or an industry veteran, consider these tips!

Build a Daily Plan

A great benefit of the real estate industry is the daily freedom and ability to make your own schedule. However, the same daily freedom that may have led you into the real estate industry can also hold you back from achieving success. It’s important to set goals and lay out an action plan that will allow you to achieve them. Use your daily, weekly and monthly goals to create a business plan for your first year and be sure to check your progress often. Make the most of each day.

Talk About Your New Career

When you’re first starting out, you may feel shy to seek out business, but it’s often necessary until you are able to build up your referral network. Networking is key to developing your career and brand. It is important that those in your personal network know about your new career path. Mention it in conversation and ask people to consider working with you when it is time for them to buy or sell a home. Express your excitement about the industry and share your passion!

Maximize Your Online Presence

Whether your brokerage firm has a website or you have to build your own personal site, it’s important to get in front of the 90% of home buyers that search online during their home buying process. Your online presence represents you and your brand. Be sure your site has current listing information, is well-branded, and professional. Update your website as necessary as it is a constantly open source for collecting leads.

Focus Your Territory

The many possibilities and opportunities of the real estate industry can be overwhelming. It’s important, as a new realtor, to keep your focus on the area of the industry that interests you. Keep focus on your territory and target that area to build your expertise. Consider this when developing you business plan as well.

Choose Your Partners Well

The businesses you choose to guide your clients to will say a lot about you and your brand. The real estate industry is dependent on referrals! Make sure that the home mortgage lenders you decide to partner with, as well as home inspectors, moving services, or any other local business you recommend to your customers are well reviewed, trusted, and offer value to your clients.