How to Submit a Winning Offer

You know what’s the worst?  Finding the perfect house in the perfect location, perfect school district, commute time, price tag, literally everything you could possibly want.  And you lose it because you didn’t have this valuable insider information that Jonny Layne of Layne Realty Group is going to share with you now.

1) Lender pre-approval.

Having the right pre-approval can make or break your offer. Working with a local lender that has fully underwritten your file and is available by phone or text when the listing agent calls is going to make you more attractive than a buyer working with a big bank that can only be reached through a phone tree.

2) Closing date. 

More often than not, home sellers want to close ASAP. Being able to move quickly and show you can close in 21 days rather than 45 days is going to show the seller you are super motivated.

3) Home Inspection Contingency. 

Every agent worth their salt is going to recommend having a home inspection done on the home. Before you submit your offer, find out from your home inspector how quickly they are able to get out to the property. It’s going to look so much better to show you can have someone out in 48 hours rather than 5 days.

4) Earnest Money Deposit. 

Showing a seller that you have a substantial Earnest Money deposit rather than 1% down is going to set you apart from the competition.

5) Realtor Communication.

Have an agent that is willing to talk to the listing agent and find out what the hot buttons are and see what the seller needs to see to win. Communication is so key and having an aggressive agent can make that dream home a reality.

If you’re in the DC metro area and are looking for a great Realtor, Jonny’s your guy. 

And as always, if you’re curious about how much home you can comfortably afford, give us a call.  A Homespire Loan Officer will gladly crunch the numbers for you.

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