Newport News – Your journey home, easier.
Newport News – Your journey home, easier.
Newport News, VA

Hello, Newport News!

Whether you're buying a home or refinancing, you've come to the right place. The Homespire Mortgage branch at Newport News proudly serves homebuyers in Virginia. We're happy to call this city home, support our local community and open the doors to homeownership, while delivering 5-star rated service.

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Roberta Lane
Branch Manager NMLS: #790711
Phone 804.824.5587
Cindy White
Senior Loan Officer NMLS: #212230
Phone 757.206.3900
Renate Sutherland
Senior Loan Officer NMLS: #1379115
Phone 757.897.0314
Bonnie Appleby
Senior Loan Officer NMLS: # 970254
Phone 757.715.2603

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Newport News, VA

NMLS #2052323


3164 William Styron Square
Newport News, Virginia 23606



P: 804.824.5587

What Happens When My Loan Gets Sold?

The short answer is that loans get sold to free up money at financial institutions, so they can create more loans for others. The process of doing this is called a mortgage-backed security, or MBS. You may have heard the term before, but the concept can be a bit hard to understand, so let’s break it down.

What’s A Property Inspection Waiver?

Getting a home loan? Your lender may tell you that you’re eligible for a property inspection waiver, or PIW. What is it and why would you opt for this, if approved? PIW is a property inspection waiver (also known as an appraisal waiver), and depending on your situation, you may say yes to one.

The Role of A Mortgage Underwriter

Getting a mortgage for the first time is a truly unique experience where you’ll learn a lot. During that time, you’ll eventually get the word from your Loan Officer that your file has been submitted to underwriting. So, what does that really mean, what does an underwriter do, and what are they really looking for?

  • My experience was great because Renate was there explaining the process from the start to the end of the process.

    CARMEN LILLIAN Williamsburg, VA
    15 March 2023
  • Cindy was very helpful and always available for any questions or requests we had!

    Mason R Newport News, VA
    13 March 2023
  • Roberta was very helpful. She answered all of my questions, provided excellent advice and was very quick to assist me with the home buying process. I ... read more

    Anita Newport News, VA
    02 March 2023
  • Renate is always available at anytime with answers and options that were available to meet my needs. The feeling I got from working with her is like ... read more

    Orrin Godfrey Chesapeake, VA
    17 February 2023
  • Renate made our first homebuying experience stress free and so easy. She is very knowledgeable in her field and she answered any and all questions tha... read more

    Kristine G Newport News, VA
    06 February 2023
  • Renate was very professional and personable!

    Conor A Newport News, VA
    30 January 2023
  • Cindy gave me great advice and understood what I was going through. She worked with me at all hours (into the evenings) and always had time for my que... read more

    Julie Ann Chesapeake, VA
    21 January 2023
  • Renatr was always available to explain anything we needed

    Clark Brent Yorktown, VA
    01 January 2023
  • Cindy and her team were wonderful and guided us every step of the way in our purchase, I also loved how easy and down to earth Cindy was to work with ... read more

    Kimberly C Heathsville, VA
    26 December 2022
  • Renate and the team made this very smooth for my first time!

    Isaiah Hampton, VA
    21 November 2022
  • Cindy and her team made our first time home buying experience very enjoyable. They educated us throughout the process and was able to answer any ques... read more

    Devin S Carrollton, VA
    14 November 2022
  • When my realtor gave me some recommendations for a lender. I set up an appointment to talk to Renate over the phone. My hours of work, trying to set u... read more

    14 November 2022
  • The whole process from start to finish was smooth and handled very well.

    Elizabeth Anne Portsmouth, VA
    12 November 2022
  • Renate made everything so easy to apply and get approved within one phone call. Then she stayed on top of everything I needed to do and sign . Very ha... read more

    Lorrie D Hampton, VA
    08 November 2022
  • Roberta really cares for her clients. She presents all your options, provides recommendations, and stays connected throughout the process. Thanks for... read more

    Anthony Edd Gloucester Pt, VA
    28 October 2022
  • You explained everything, answered all my questions, even the goofy ones!

    Marie C Newport News, VA
    24 October 2022
  • Wow! I am really grateful for the whole process. Thank you so much for your dedication and support.

    Ricardo Newport News, VA
    10 October 2022
  • We are so grateful for have her as lender, She is so professional and was always willing and available to assist us with any questions we had during t... read more

    Vilma Newport News, VA
    10 October 2022
  • Roberta and the staff were absolutely amazing! They really looked out for me during the whole process and made it an enjoyable experience. I would def... read more

    Jennifer Gloucester, VA
    10 October 2022
  • Amazing experience! Renate is very knowledgeable! Very smooth experience!

    Joshua Lee Virginia Beach, VA
    17 September 2022
  • The whole process was made super easy for me and every question was answered. I really appreciate everything.

    Danielyss Newport News, VA
    26 August 2022
  • Fast, simple, to the point, no best around the bush or shady tactics thrown in :).

    Kurt James Gloucester, VA
    21 August 2022
  • Renate communication was great! I feel that plays a very big part when purchasing a home especially if it’s your time purchasing a home like it was ... read more

    Tanikque S. Newport News, VA
    25 July 2022
  • Roberta was very friendly and helpful in explaining everything and was available whenever I had any questions.

    Terri L. Gloucester, VA
    19 July 2022
  • Friendly and correct.

    Priscilla Esther Yorktown, VA
    13 July 2022
  • Renate is so wonderful, she guided and supported me through the entire finance process. Always available to answer any of my questions and review do... read more

    Gary Newport News, VA
    13 July 2022
  • Efficient and friendly

    Scott Richard Yorktown, VA
    07 July 2022
  • Renate was amazing! She was very informative and took the time to explain things that we had questions about.

    Dominic Lamar Portsmouth, VA
    06 July 2022
  • Roberta made the process very smooth and communicated with us through the process.

    Caroline Maria Newport News, VA
    05 July 2022
  • Renate kept me up to date of the steps needed throughout the process.

    Jervel Nicole Newport News, VA
    07 June 2022
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