5 Benefits of Working with a Local Lender

Shopping local is a great way to support and stimulate your community. And the same goes for working with a local mortgage lender. But it’s not just about business and the mortgage, for us, it’s personal.

Let’s talk about 5 benefits of working with a local lender.

This info probably goes for most local lenders, but we can’t speak for everyone, so we’ll share with you Homespire’s philosophy and why our clients come back time and time again and have named us their lender for life.

#1  Holistic Approach – We take a holistic approach to the mortgage process. We’re here to help you get into your home, not just provide a loan for it. It’s bigger than that. We want to get to know you, your family, and your individual situation and take into consideration your wants, needs, lifestyle – the entire picture – and craft a mortgage loan that will not only provide financing for your home, but put you on good financial footing into the future.

#2  Homebuyer EducationThere are a lot of pieces that make up the mortgage puzzle; for example, loan program, interest rate, lender fees, closing costs, etc. We don’t want to just quickly show you numbers on a sheet of paper. We want you to understand exactly what you’re signing up for and be transparent with all of the details of the loan offer. 

#3  Dedicated Team – It’s nice to be able to walk into your local branch and speak with your loan officer face to face. We have a dedicated team that works with you from start to finish. You’ll get to know our names; we’ll get to know yours. Of course, Homespire Mortgage follows all CDC Covid-19 guidelines, and many of our Loan Officers are still working remotely. But don’t worry – phone calls and Facetime are a great way to build relationships with our clients and keep everyone safe at the same time.

#4  Digital Platform – But we also know that you’re busy and might prefer a digital experience, or a combo of both. Through our HomespireGO® app, you can do it all, apply for a mortgage, upload docs, and receive real time updates from the team. Your experience is tailored to you.

#5  Local ExpertWe know the communities we serve – we live and work there. We’re out there, helping your neighbors refinance so they can utilize the equity in their home to pay for their kid’s college. We know what college that kid is going to, and we’re super pumped for them.

Our goal is to be your lender for life. Our job doesn’t end at the closing table. If you’re in the market to buy or refinance your current mortgage, visit https://www.homespiremortgage.com/apply-now/ to apply with your local Homespire Mortgage Loan Officer today.