How to Build a Strong Social Media Presence

A Realtor’s Guide to Building a Strong Social Media Presence

So you’re a realtor who wants to start using social media to build your business, but you aren’t sure where to begin. We’ve gone ahead and put together a quick list of the important things to keep in mind to keep you from having to do all the searching! Here’s what you’ll have to think about:

Do consider making the best use of your time

Social media is time consuming. Choose wisely between the different platforms such as: InstagramGoogle+Pinterest, and master the couple you’ve chosen instead of trying to familiarize yourself with multiple platforms at once. In order to keep your account highly interactive, you’ll need to post at least once per day, if not more, and will need to figure out the best times to reveal your content.Explore which platforms other realtors are using and see if the same could work for your business. Initially this will require research but it’ll allow you to optimize your time in the long run.

Do what works for you and your audience

Be realistic about your strengths. Sure you may hear about how awesome Twitter can be for your business, but if you aren’t one with words (even if it’s only 140 characters), don’t force yourself to be. You’ll end up dreading having to come up with content for each tweet and you’ll be more likely to abandon your social media account.

Think about what makes sense for your business. If you’re excited about your latest listing and are looking for a way to share it on social media; what would be the most effective way to show it? You can create photo collages on Instagram, do an entire photo spread on your Facebook page, or post short videos on either one. You don’t have to be a professional photographer but put a little bit of love into your photos because followers will appreciate great photos of beautiful homes.

Do engage with potential clientele

To get people to notice you, you have to notice them. Consider what your potential clients would want to see on your social media accounts. Think about why they’d come to your social medial page in the first place and figure out how to stand out. You’ll need to come up with your own original content, but you’ll also want to find relevant blog posts, articles, and videos to share. If you need some inspiration, check out our Facebook page. It is filled with relevant local content that is perfect for any home buyer or homeowner, and everything is free to share.

Don’t pay for followers

Just like money can’t buy you love – you can’t buy loyal clients. It’s tempting to want to appear popular by purchasing a huge amount of followers and likes, but it’s nothing but false advertising on your behalf. Remember to build your following organically. Think of other, more useful ways to spend on your business, such as Facebook advertising, or hiring a part-time marketing assistant.

Don’t make it personal

Your social media accounts are about real estate – not your personal life. Maybe a short line in your bio about how you’re a lover of cats won’t do you damage, but your audience isn’t going to your page for that reason. It is important to show your audience that you’re human, personable, and relatable, but think of ways to make those qualities shine through your professional work instead. For example, if you really do love your cat that much – show your cat in a photo next to a sold sign, and caption it with about how happy you two are. Keep your private life to your private social media account.

Don’t sell

It’s important to advertise your listings, build a potential client’s confidence by showing sold homes, but don’t sell in the traditional sense. The ultimate goal may be to build your brand and make yourself the number one real estate agent in your region, but your desperation will spew through your posts, and your audience won’t appreciate it. People tap into their accounts to engage with their friends and to find out the latest news, not to bombarded by some creepy sales person on the internet. Your audience has to feel like you’re genuine, and not only as someone they can trust, but as someone they’re willing to recommend to their family and friends.

Here’s the best part

Got a question about social media, but not sure where to turn? Here’s a unique opportunity to talk to an expert! Our in-house marketing team will answer your questions about social media and help you get on the right track. Ask a question via email at and leverage our social media expertise to build your brand on social media. We look forward to answering your questions!