How to Get FREE Money for Your Down Payment


Did you know that there are over 2,500 down payment assistance programs nationwide that will give you FREE MONEY for a down payment on your home?  What could be better than free money?!


It’s true, friends.  There are so many programs through the Federal, state, county, and city governments that offer down payment assistance programs for eligible home buyers.  What does this mean? Well, some programs require you to be a first time home buyer, that the home be your primary residence, that your family’s income falls within a certain range, that you work in a certain profession, et cetera, et cetera.


So, now you’re probably wondering: “How much could I possibly get?”  In 2017, the average was $9,208


So, how does this money come to you?  There are three main ways:


  1. Grants – Actual free money that you don’t have to pay back
  2. Second mortgages – A second loan that needs to be paid back simultaneously with your first mortgage – sometimes interest free!
  3. Matched savings programs – Usually through an employer, like a 401K for your home.


This is a big deal!  So, why aren’t people shouting this glorious wisdom from the rooftops?  The thing is, lenders don’t usually offer these programs outright because: 1.)  It’s more work for them; 2.) They don’t get compensated enough for them; and 3.)  Some lenders simply don’t have access to the programs because they’re not a part of the program itself… they don’t know the secret handshake.


If you’re looking to buy a house, and you know that 20% down is just not happening, then let’s talk.  One of our personal loan consultants will work with you to see which programs you’re eligible for and how much cash is up for grabs, waiting for you to claim it.  It might be a little extra work for us, but we don’t mind.

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